Membership at SSYC


Our Membership and Goals

Shrewsbury is about sailing. Our founders' primary objective was to bring together friends and family in an environment that fosters a love for the sport and art of sailing small boats. The second objective was to teach sailing to children and adults and to enable them to develop a proficiency in the handling of sailing craft. We are proud to continue this tradition more than 70 years later!


The Shrewsbury Sailing and Yacht Club is a volunteer organization and the majority of the activities of the club are performed by the members, on behalf of the members. As a result, the members of SSYC are always excited to welcome sailors and people interested in all aspects of sailing - lessons for their children, adult instruction, racing, cruising or simply relaxing on the water.


Contact Information

The SSYC Membership Chair is the point of contact for learning more about becoming a member at SSYC. If you are interested in learning about the club, please complete and submit the online membership inquiry and you will be contacted directly.


Additionally, while we are open (April to October), we encourage you to stop by the club - particularly on a Sunday afternoon when we race - to get a feel for the club and learn more about what we offer. Members who wish to sponsor a candidate can contact the Membership Chair for an application and instructions.


The Membership Process

Application for membership requires that you complete an application and obtain a member sponsor. Two additional members must complete letters of support on your behalf. Your sponsor and the Membership Chair can introduce you to other members and it's always recommended that during the sailing season you spend some time at the club to get a feel for what it is we do.


You are also asked to volunteer at a club event – party, special event, work party or as a member of the race committee and rescue crew. Again, Shrewsbury is a volunteer organization and relies heavily on membership involvement. It's also the best way to jump in and get involved from day one.


As a final requirement, your sponsor must hold a small group gathering to meet members of the board of governors who will ultimately sign off on your application, as you must "be favorably known by six members of the board." Your sponsor should also introduce you to other club and board members. Our goal is that by the end of the membership process you are acquainted with the club, a number of members and board members, and that you will feel at home and welcome when you walk through the gate.


Upon receipt of your completed application, initiation fee and letters, the forms will be reviewed and then posted for two weeks for review by the general membership. At the first board meeting subsequent to the posting period, it is voted on by the Board and you will be notified of the result. A dues notice follows upon acceptance.


In summary, membership documents and requirements include:


  • Initiation fee (plus tax) and application completed and forwarded to sponsor.
  • A letter of recommendation from your sponsor and one each from two seconding members.
  • Attendance at a small group meeting of the Board, which is organized/hosted by your sponsor, in order for at least six board members to get to know you so they can ultimately approve your application.
  • Participation in a volunteer activity such as a social event, work party, race committee or safety boat.
  • Posting to the membership and approval by the board.